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How to Stop : Abusing

Abusing ? Anger invite Abuse First of all Understand the Felling Behind this Word Abuse means doing something unnatural or crossing the limit set by society ethics for example : to use something for the wrong purpose in a way that is harmful or morally wrong: She is continually abusing her position/authority by getting other people to do things for her. What is abuse examples? Some examples include slapping, pinching, choking, kicking, shoving, or inappropriately using drugs or physical restraints. in Rush Discussion Saying Wrong words regarding family to someone is the part of abusing Exploiting Natural resources  which are limited on earth is Abusing Environment What type of abuse is the most common? Neglect is the most common form of child abuse. How do you treat someone who abuses you? How to handle the person who is abusing you     Try to stay calm. Remember that you're not responsible for how they're behaving. ...     Try to avoid engaging emotionally. ...     Try to move
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How to Stop : Negativity

You Know  What ? Only Humans on this Earth are official y Intelligent and Smart Species  Which can think and Decide What is wrong and what is right and Ye This is Truth Fact that No-one Can Live a Positive Life with a Negative Mind Here are few Symptoms of Negative Mentality  Jealous  Ditching known-to Cheating Laziness Negative Attitude Lack of  Confidence Fear of doing something or anything Ignorance NOT Learning New things  Fraud What is Important to Live a positive Life Meditation Be friendly  Learn and achieve the Level of Satisfaction in mind comparison of Humans with other species on earth Always Be a learner  Understand and Implement on time Activeness Smartness Hard work Convert your Passion into Profession  To be Continued... Whatsapp to Update this Page   

How to Stop : Smoke Tobacco

  Smoke a Cigarette is like  Burning Wet Piece of Cloth  Smoking Tobacco Directly Pollute Internal body which disturb the internal flow of blood oxygen and other nutrients Smoking Decreases Physical strength A Smoker Can not Run Easily A Smoker can not Work Longer A Smoker Even can't Laugh louder  A Smoker even Can't Perform Good During Loving Partner Physically A Smoker even cant Save Money   {"First spend money to infect body Later Looking to invest in medicine o clean body "}

How to Stop : Watch Porn sex video-get-rid-Addiction

  Healthy Advice to Secure you from upcoming Disaster  in your life because of  Sex Porn Video  Get Rid of this Addiction as soon as possible Sex is something which need to be Understand by you from deep of your heart Teach this Tips to care of your upcoming young generation  Do not let them go with the flow of society of friend circle Teach your child to be always safe  The Addiction is very Dangerous  It Distract Students So they can not Concentrate on study properly because of these vulgar porn video young youth generation  misunderstands the Concept of making Love  Intimidating physically can be demand of body because of natural Hormonal Changes with body according to and diet of Consumed food But Caressing the Body of  Partner is  first step for invitation to intimidate Remember  Understand the Difference between  Pain and Pleasure  What you want to get or what you want to give what ever you will give to your partner you will get double of that  So be safe be Happy  Live Lovely Li